Welcome to Riversmeet Hidden Britain

Situated in North East Bedfordshire, the beautiful Riversmeet area consists of six villages along the valleys of the rivers Ouse and Ivel.

It is where the great skyscapes of East Anglia begin – a watery place where the sounds of wildfowl are never far away. The villages are linked by two long distance river bank footpaths – the Ouse Valley and the Kingfisher Ways. Wildlife abounds and the walker stands a good chance of seeing the halcyon flash of a kingfisher and maybe even the elusive otter or barn owl.

There is also a vast array of buildings of interest to those with a fondness for the built environment. The medieval bridge at Great Barford, a church from the same era in Little Barford, the Congregational Church in Tempsford, and Moggerhanger Park are just some of the fine structures on offer at this Hidden Britain centre.

We invite you to visit the Riversmeet villages to explore their history, architecture and beauty and to meet the friendly people who make it their home.

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