Local Businesses

Within the Riversmeet area there are a large number of local businesses providing important services to this largely rural area. They include:

Edible Ornamentals, Chawston

Edible Ornamentals is owned and operated by Joanna and Shawn Plumb. We specialize in growing and selling a large selection of chilli pepper varieties. We also produce and sell a number of chilli pepper-related products. These include our own a range of gourmet sauces, fresh, dried and pickled chillies, chilli ristra’s’ (strings of chillies), chilli & vegetable plants, and other spicy creations.

Edible Ornamentals is based at Cherwood Nursery in the village of Chawston in Bedfordshire. Here at our three-acre site we grow more than 40 different varieties of chillies and a selection of fresh vegetables. Our nursery and farm shop are open to the public and, depending on the season, you can even pick your own chillies or vegetables. We also sell our products at farmers markets, garden shows, and food and wine shows.

Edible Ornamentals

Address: Edible Ornamentals, Cherwood Nursery, Blue Bells, Chawston, Beds, MK44 3BL

Email: info@edibleornamentals.co.uk, Telephone: +44 (0)1480 405663

URL: http://www.edibleornamentals.co.uk

Garden Friends Farm Shop, Roxton

We offer a range of seasonal vegetables grown in Bedfordshire. Each year we try to introduce new varieties of tried and trusted favourites and we also grow vegetables that have not been in the box before.

Discover the Seasonality and The Taste of Vegetables Grown in Bedfordshire.

Garden Friends

Address: Garden Friends Farm Shop & Vegetable Box scheme, Based at Roxton Garden Centre, Bedford Road, Roxton, Beds, MK44 3DY

Email: Gardenfriendsveg@aol.com, Telephone: 01480 210383

URL: http://www.gardenfriendsvegetablebox.com

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